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  I got my first camera for my 12th birthday.
A 110 "point and shoot" film camera. The possibilities, truly, seemed endless! I was "that kid," the one awkwardly snapping photos decades before social media and "selfies" were even thought of. Armed with rolls of film and a one-hour photo lab, I was set on documenting the lives of those around me.

  In high school and college, I delved into black & white photography and spent hours working in a darkroom to develop my own images. I can truly say I've watched the industry grow and change from film to digital and have a huge appreciation for it all.

  While I founded Serendipity Photo, as it exists today, in 2009, I began shooting portraiture and commercial images in the mid-1990s after I first became a mom. Nothing like a tiny baby to impress on anyone the importance of beautiful images. Not only would I invest in my first SLR digital camera to document my own growing family, but a job in a local studio for three years was a flexible and enjoyable way to earn a living.

  Now a self-taught "shutterbug" for 28 years, and with Serendipity Photo inching its way towards a decade of serving the Rogue Valley, I'm excited to see what the next decade holds. Few fields have changed more than photography but the basic love for preserving important memories is timeless.

  I consider my style to be photo journalistic and I offer a range of session types from hospital birth sessions and high school seniors to one year cake smashes and wedding photos. I'm lucky to have earned the trust of preserving memories for a lot of long term, repeat clients.

  Feel free to check out my work and give a call to set up a session and see what you think for yourself! I look forward to helping you capture those memories and important moments.     

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